This page is for information relating to the Card Archives in game feature. For a complete list of all Cards please see Complete List of Cards.

The Card Archive is found under cards on the home screen. In the card archive, you can look at Cards, Stack Cards and Vehicles you have collected yet. You can also look at the difference of the Card art, if you have that card evolved.

There are currently 1903 Character cards (If you count evolved cards), 76 Stack cards and 33 Vehicles.

Cards come in 3 different sides of the Force: Light Side cards, Neutral cards and Dark Side cards. Stack Cards do not have a side.

Character Cards can be obtained via card packstrading and gifting, or special login bonuses and event campaigns. Stack cards are collected during questing.

Cards can be enhanced or evolved, and can be added to your wishlist.

You can also change the Privacy Setting either to Private (Meaning that only you can look at your archive), Allies Only (Which means that only Allies and you may look at your Cards Archive) and Public (which means that everybody who found your status, can look to your Cards Archive).

Rarity Lightside Neutral Darkside Total
16 42 16 74
✮✮ 24 25 21 70
✮✮✮ 50 38 53 141
✮✮✮✮ 45 12 43 100
✮✮✮✮✮ 47 1 46 94
Special 2 1 0 3
Total 183 119 179 482

(479 cards x 4 evolutions) + 3 special = 1919 Character Cards

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