Corellian Gambit

Corellian Gambit Tickets Edit

Corellian Gambit Tickets are used for the Corellian Gambit, which can be found under "Card Packs". You can get them through Events and are nontradable.

3* and 4* Gambit Edit

To do the Corellian Gambit, you need either 5 Corelllian Gambit Tickets, or 10 Corellian Gambit Tickets,

When you pay 5, you now have to enter 3 3* cards. You wont get those cards back, so choose wisely. You will then get a card thats either 3*, 4* or 5*.

If you pay 10, you now have to enter 2 4* cards. Once again, you will lose those cards. You will then get either a 4* or a 5* card.

Trivia Edit

If you enter a untradable card, the card that you will get from the Gambit will be untradable as well.

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