Legion at War is the most recurring Event there is. It happens every inbetween of normal Events. This is a Legionary Event, where you fight against 12 other Legions over the span of 4 Days, 3 Fights each day. Each fight is at most an hour long. 12 Phases, each 5 minutes long.

Legion at War

Preperations Edit

A week before the actual Event, the Starship Dock will be made accesible to all Players in the Legion. In it, everyone can upgrade the 4 Sub-Systems of the Starship. Starship HP, Turbo Laser, Laser Cannons, and Shield.

To upgrade these to their full potential, one needs to pay a lot of Credits. For every 1000 Credits given out by that way, the one that upgraded the Sub-System will get a Legion Point, to give out at the Legion Shop. One can also pay with Starship Reinforcement Packs, wich are sometimes rewarded during other Events.

The Starship Dock can still be accessed during the Event, and you can still upgrade the Ship, but it's better to fully upgrade it before the first Fight, to avoid a too weak ship.

Sub-Systems Edit

Your Starship has 4 Sub-Systems, that each are very important in every Fight.

-Starship HP, wich, the higher it's upgraded to, is the life of your Starship. If it depletes, you will lose.

-Turbo Laser, wich is the Main weapon of every Starship. The higher it's upgraded to, the more damage it does.

-Laser Cannons,wich is the defense weapon agaisnt Enemy Starfighters, the higher it's upgraded, the more damage it will deal to the Enemy Starfighters.

-Shields, wich is the main Defense mechanism of your Starship. The higher, the more HP your shield has.

Battle Flow Edit

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