Rako Hardeen Cad Bane [Steeled Killer]
Rako Hardeen Base
Cad Bane -Steeled Killer- Base
MAX ATK: 7080

MAX DEF: 7980

Cost: 29

Range: Long

ACC: 170

EVA: 70

Attacks per turn: 1

Attack Pattern: 1-on-1

Type: Male, Jedi Order, Bounty Hunter,


MAX ATK: 8940

MAX DEF: 5840

Cost: 38

Range: Medium

ACC: 160

EVA: 70

Attacks per turn: 1

Attack Pattern: 1-on-1

Type: Male, Bounty Hunter

Skill: Disguised Bounty Hunter

During Battle, constantly decreases

the ATK and ACC of Bounty Hunter

units in the enemy Formation that

are positioned in the same vertical

coloumn, and the coloumns to the

left and right of this Skill card, by 10%.

Skill: Scum at its Finest

At fixed probability during battle, decreases

the EVA of the friendly character Card

positioned directly in front of this skill Card by

50%, and engages all attacks from enemy units

that are able to attack it, to that friendly unit. This

skill Card will increase its own ATK by 10%, and

counterattack the enemy(ies) that attacked the

friendly unit. However, any attacks that from enemies

possessing the Pierce or Sweep ATK Pattern cannot

be engaged.

Rako Hardeen Edit

Rako Hardeen

Rako Hardeen, when perfectly awakened, has following Stats:

ATK: 12585

DEF: 14185

Cost: 32

ACC: 187

EVA: 77

Skill: The 10% ATK and ACC decrease, is Skill 50 a 30% ATK and ACC decrease.

Skill Summary Edit

His Skill is there for one reason: Make Bounty Hunter cards almost useless. Making non awakened ones almost never hit, as Awakened cards have higher EVA, and even when they hit, they don't do much damage. Since he only decreases the Bounty Hunters in his own and adajent Rows of him, one needs 2 of him to fully decrease all Bounty Hunters in the enemy team, one sent in the 2nd, and one sent in the 5th coloumn, preferably of the Back Row, so he doesnt die as fast.


Cad Bane [Steeled Killer] Edit

Cad Bane (Steeled Killer)

Cad Bane [Steeled Killer], when perfectly awakened, following Stats:

ATK: 15891

DEF: 10380

Cost: 42

ACC: 176

EVA: 77

Skill: The 10% own ATK increase, is Skill 50 a 25% own ATK increase.

Skill Summary Edit

His Skill activates around 50% of the time, his only really use is to destroy Sniper cards, most notably, Chewbacca [A Hero returned], who, at the time of the release of Cad Bane [Steeled Killer] was considered the strongest card in the game. However, if the enemy doesn't have a Sniper, or if Cad Banes Skill doesnt activate when he gets shot, he can die very fast, because of his low Defense. His Cost also is very notacible, considering other Awakenable 5* DS M-range Cards, like Boba and Jango.

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