The Player Appreciation Festival was the last event to be held in Star Wars: Force Collection (excluding Legions at Wars 62 and 63). This event was split into three volumes:

  • Volume 1 was held inbetween February 21 and March 8, and includes the Revenge of the Bosses event. Added 5-Star cards were Luke Skywalker [Jedi Hermit] and Supreme Leader Snoke; newly Awakenable cards were Mace Windu [Master of Vaapad] and Darth Vader [The Penultimate Conflict].
  • Volume 2 was held inbetween March 8 and March 17, adding the Path of the Jedi event. Newly Awakenable cards were Anakin Skywalker [Dual Wield] and 5-Star Zam Wesell. A 5-Star Wampa was added with the highest stats of any Awakened card, attack-wise.
  • Volume 3 was held in between March 23 until April 23 and added the Rogue Intruders and Commanders of the Republic event, both normally recurring events. This volume of the Festival added the ability to reset your stat points once a day, updated Watto's Junkyard with Card Pack tickets and Holocrons of all type, added the 5-Stars Ashoka Tano [Fated Confrontation] and Darth Vader [Fallen Mentor] and awakened Qui-Gon Jinn [The Final Duel] and 5-Star Emperor's Royal Guard. The login campaign gave you FREE 5-Star cards, with the ending of the campaign giving you Rey [Jedi Training] and Kylo Ren [Unmasked].

The Ally Point Card Pack gave you 3-Stars guaranteed and a boosted chance of 5-Stars for 10,000 AP.

Revenge of the BossesEdit

ROTB AppreciationFest

Main article: Revenge of the Bosses (Player Appreciation Festival)

Rogue IntrudersEdit

Rogue Intruders

Main article: Rogue Intruders

The only updates were to update the card box with 5-Star Ezra Bridger, K-2SO, Agent Kallus and Director Krennic [Advanced Weapons Research, 4-Star Rose Tico and Elite Praetorian Guard and 3-Star Senate Guard and Emperor's Royal Guard.

All Intruder Medals unused as of 4/23 01:59 (ET) expired and cannot be used.

Commanders of the RepublicEdit

Commanders of the Republic

Main article: Commanders of the Republic

Less EP was used when playing, up to a maximum of 30, you could get holocrons, 5-Star Wampas and card pack tickets, and the cards offered for achievement points were the ones from late June to early July (more specifically Sabine Wren [Spectre-5], Maz Kanata [Passing a Legacy] and Obi-Wan Kenobi [Betrayed Mentor] for the Light side and Fifth Brother Inquisitor, Captain Ithano and Anakin Skywalker [Fallen Knight] for the Dark side)

Path of the JediEdit

Path of the Jedi

Main article: Path of the Jedi

This event was similar to the Elite Training Vaults event, but with more "vaults" (training formations).

Ally Card Pack changes Edit

AP Card Pack

With every 10,000 AP you had, you were able to draw from an Ally Point Card Pack guaranteeing 3-Stars. There were boosted 5-Star chances!


The wallpapers were accessible here. (PC wallpapers)

Interestingly, there existed an Ezra Bridger wallpaper whose card never made it to the game; the Ashoka Tano, Darth Vader and Wampa wallpapers made it, however.

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