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The Republic Army Proving Grounds was another part of the PvP aspect in the game. The game matches you up with eight other combatants, and after a certain time, uses 0 BP to initiate a battle using your Offensive Formation.

Battle schedule Edit

Time Day 1 Day 2
2:00 - (ET) Groups Determined Round 4
6:00 - (ET) Match-ups Round 5
10:00 - (ET) Round 1 Round 6
14:00 - (ET) Round 2 Round 7
18:00 - (ET) Round 3 Rankings Calculated

Mechanics Edit

Victory Points Edit

Victory Points are calculated using the following table:

Rarity / Type Score
Stack Cards 10 Points / 1 card
1-Star 50 Points
2-Star 70 Points
3-Star 200 Points
4-Star 500 Points
5-Star 1000 Points
Vehicles The Vehicle's cost * 10 points

In addition to that, there is a Survival Bonus. The rarer the cards left, the more survival bonus you get. Also, evolved cards earn you even more Survival Bonuses.

Rankings Edit

The top players on the ranks will be promoted to the next Class, and the two lowest players will be demoted to a lower class. However, this applies to classes up to class 10, as the player who ranks first on the rankings will advance to the next class Classes 11 and above.

However, battles that do not end within the time limit and battles where both players are destroyed at the same time count as a tie. When players have the same number of victory points, the player who earned a higher battle score is ranked higher.

Promotion Rewards Edit

Every time a player is promoted to a new class, they will receive a reward and a Grand Army Badge representing their new class.

Classes in the Proving Grounds Edit

There are 14 classes.