Skill Mastery is a permanent power boost for a card's Special Skill. Upgrading a skill can make it very powerful in Battle. Skill upgrades require Training Remotes. Higher level upgrades require more Training Remotes than lower upgrades.

Training Remotes Edit

Training Remotes are the items used to upgrade a Card's Skill Level. Training Remotes can be acquired in three ways.

  1. Selling Cards that have skills. The number of Training Remotes you will earn depends on the Card's Rarity and Skill Grade.
  2. Collect Training Remotes during special events and campaigns.
  3. Complete Daily Goals that have Training Remotes as a reward.

Skill Grade Edit

A regular base card with a Skill will start off with a Skill Grade of 1 and the potential of 10 Maximum Levels (i.e. 1 of 10). The Max Grade to which a Card's Skill can be upgraded is dependent on it's Evolution Level.

Unevolved Max Grade: 10

Evo 1 Max Grade: 20

Evo 2 Max Grade: 30

Evo 3 Max Grade: 40

WARNING: You can not change the Max grade by evolving in different ways. Evolving two Evo 1's at 20 Max Grade each WILL NOT get you a Evo 2 Max Grade 40.

Evolving Skill Cards Edit

Training Remotes are not returned when Cards Evolve. The Evolved Card will retain only the higher Skill Grade of the Two Cards. For example, if you evolve two cards with the Skill Levels being maxed out at 10 of 10, the new Evo 1 Card with have a Skill Level of 10 of 20. The other 10 Levels will be lost permanently, since it only takes the higher value of the two cards. But if you evolve two cards with one having a Skill Level of 6 of 10, and the other having a Skill Level of 1 of 10, the new card will be an Evo 1 with the Skill Level of 6 of 20. It is advised to only Level up the main card in your Evolution, or wait until your Max Evolution is complete before upgrading the Skills of your card to avoid wasting Training Remotes.

Remote Chart Edit

As a card is skilled higher towards the ultimate goal of skill level 40, the amount of remotes necessary to skill the card to the next level increases. The following chart enumerates how many remotes are required for each skill level.

Level Remotes/
Evo Level
2-3 1 Base
4-5 2
6-9 4
10 6
11-14 6 1
15-20 8
21-25 10 2
25-30 12
31-34 15 Max
35-39 20
40 30