Support Cards were special types of Cards that granted abilities not present in regular skills. These were released with the release of Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, and the first support cards are made from scenes from the film. New Support Cards are usually introduced in the Elite Operatives/Elite Training Vaults event, but the latest event, Path of the Jedi, doesn't introduce new Support Cards.

These cards were restricted to your Support Deck, could not be put in your Formation or set as your Leader Card.

Obtaining Support Cards Edit

Support Cards could be obtained through the Reinforcement Card pack (not to be confused with the Legion Reinforcement Card Pack), the event where they are introduced, or as login rewards (which was the case with the Celebration on Yavin 4 [May the 4th Limited Edition] Support Card).

Rarities Edit

Support Cards, like regular cards, have the star rarity. There are no 2 and 1-Star Support Cards.

Functions of Support Cards Edit

5-Star Support Cards usually increase the stats of all of your friendly units, doubling if an unit(s) are of a certain type (for example, the Impossible Odds Support Card's effect doubles if certain units are of Resistance type).

4-Star Support Cards, starting from the Confrontation on Utapau Support Card, are simplified versions of a support ability added to an existing card (in this case 4-Star ARC Trooper Fives, who has the [Anti Lightsaber Tactics] support ability). Prior to that, 4-Star Support Cards are cheaper versions of the 5-Star version.

3-Star Support Cards always cost 10, and will increase/decrease the stats of a random friendly/enemy unit in the Formation.