The Battle of the Death Star is an Event that is running from September 11th 2013 to September 25th 2013.


The main focus of the Event is to complete the Event Quest in order to find and battle Raid Bosses. The player earns rewards for defeating a certain number of normal and rare bosses and also earns EXP while completing the Quest.

Event QuestEdit

Raid BossesEdit


Normal Bosses DefeatedEdit

1: BP Capsules x5

3: 3000 Credits

5: 20 Crystals

10: Silver Card Pack Ticket x2

30: 50 Crystals

50: 3000 Credits

70: Event-Power Card

100: BP Capsules x5

120: 5000 Credits

150: Gold Card Pack Ticket

Every 20 Additional: 10000 Credits

Rare Bosses DefeatedEdit

1: 50 Crystals

3: BP capsules x10

5: 5000 Credits

10: Event-Power Card

20: 8000 Credits

30: Gold Card Pack Ticket

40: 80 Crystals

50: 10000 Credits

60: 100 Crystals

80: Gold Card Pack Ticket Double Boosted

Every 20 Additional: 2 Silver Card Pack Tickets

Super Rare Bosses DefeatedEdit

3: Gold Card Pack Ticket

5: Gold Card Pack Ticket

10: Gold Card Pack Ticket Triple Boosted

20: Gold Card Pack Ticket

30: Gold Card Pack Ticket Boosted by 5

Every 20 Additional: Gold Card Pack Ticket



Final RewardsEdit

Light (Winners): 1 Silver Card Pack

Dark (Losers): Nothing

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