Introduction Edit


I'm here to talk about how in the world you use what most people say is a worthless card. All the stats are on the picture on the right. For an evo max 5 star card 10,091 attack and 5,929 defense is nothing. 1 Attack per turn is nothing special either. So what makes this a card even worth using? Well, the thing that makes this card powerful is its EVA (or evasion). So lets get started and by the time I'm done you should have an idea on how to make a proving ground class 12 formation that can occasionally go into class 13 for a couple weeks.

Getting Started Edit

So if your a new player the formation you should probably consider starting with a 4 star evo max Cin Drallig front row. Behind those you would put 2 three star Bail Organa. One of the Cin Drallig should be skill 40 to boost his attack. This will get you to class 9 or 10. Then you can just build from there. You could put 4 star medium range cards in or maybe put a powerful vehicle in. If you are going up against vehicles a lot I would suggest putting a snow speeder in your formation. The snow speeder will need the harpoon gun vehicle part though. From there you try to get your first 5 star and get more valuable 5 stars and 4 stars. Eventually you will have enough to build some of the 5 star formations. Now I'm sure your wondering where Jar Jar comes in here so lets get right to that.

Jar Jar Edit

So lets start with why you would use Jar Jar. You would use him to dodge anything your opponent gives you. The EVA of Jar Jar is 160 which is double the average EVA for a 5 star. The equation for figuring out if a shot hits or not is, ACC (accuracy) - EVA = the probability of a hit. The average ACC for a 5 star card is 170, so 170 - 160 = 10%. So you are probably thinking that 10% isn't great and what about 5 star Aura Sing and Chewie? Aurra Sing and Chewie have 240 ACC! 240 - 160 = 80%, so what are you supposed to do about that? Well, the answer is prep skills! Using cards like 4 star Shaak Ti, Gree, and Teemto are a great way to keep Jar Jar alive. They will either increase your EVA or decrease your opponent's ACC when they proc. For example, Shaak Ti is 32% EVA to light, light side Gree is 32% ACC to dark, and Teemto is 20% all ACC down. If they all proc, your Jar Jars get 32% EVA up and your dark side opponents get 52% ACC down. So that means Aurra Sings' 240 ACC turns into 125 ACC and your Jar Jar's EVA is increased to 211. 125 - 211 = -86! So the minimum chance of hit is 5%, so you would get 5% to even Aurra Sing! Not only that but you get this thing called "damage reduction" and what happens is whenever a card's EVA is higher than your oponnent's ACC you take less damage if he hits. So there is how you make the "worthless" Jar Jar into a beast!

Formation Edit

Now, lets talk about what formations you can build with this card and how to do it. It is pretty obvious that Jar Jar is meant to stop your opponents in their tracks. So, there are 2 ways you can use this. The first is to use Jar Jar to run your opponents out of time and have a Tarkin TM do all of the work. The second is to put Jar Jar in your front row and have the back two rows devoted to medium/long range damage and skills.

The First Edit

We will take my formation as an example. I have two rows of Jar Jars with Tarkin TM all the way to the left. The Tarkin should be to one side or the other because your flanks ussually take less damage. I have 4 skills that do either EVA up or ACC down. These skills will greatly prolong Jar Jar's death as I have explained up above.


Usually they will prolong it enough to have your Tarkin TM fire and ablierate your opponent. The weakness to this formation will be nullification and pierce damage in the row of your Tarkin TM.

NOTE: You can use healers or maybe even try Mothma on your Jar Jars as well.

The Second Edit

This one is a bit more broad and I will not have a picture for that reason. Instead of having 2 rows of Jar Jars you will have 1. Then you put something that does damage in the back rows. I've seen people put a Falcon behind Jar Jars. You could put Han SfH or other medium range cards in the middle row to do some damage. You could also put snipers in so you take out their back rows first. Either option you choose your still using the same principle though. Use Jar Jar to give the cards that do your damage enough time.

Support Deck Edit


For a support deck I suggest level 5 prep skill up, nullification (if you have Tarkin TM), and HP up. I know some of you might think that 250 HP won't make a difference but it is handy when you have a battle that is a close call. The image to the right is what you will need for this combination except the Ben Kenobi can be a May the 4th Luke. Of course if you have any other combanations please mention them in the comments.

Ending Words Edit

Thanks for reading! If you have any suggestions don't be afraid to tell us in the comments. Happy Trading!

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